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General National provides complete technology and business solutions for customers of almost any size using the right combination of resources and experience. Our team holds a diverse portfolio of experience in the many disparate aspects of technology management including application development, network design and management, project management, security testing, systems analysis and process engineering.

Finding the right tools and resources for a business project is not always as easy as leveraging what everyone else uses; sometimes, a different approach will better suit your unique requirements. With our strong core knowledge across the entire technology product and project life-cycle, we will partner with you to find the correct solution that addresses the costs and complexity of your business.

Our approach is unique: There is no single solution to every problem. Where some business partners and consultancies will approach you with a single solution for every need, we believe this is just applying a hammer as a tool for every job, whether or not you have a nail, screw, or delicate piece of equipment. So we do not resell solutions. Rather, we act as a trusted-advisor to our clients. You need the correct solution, and our role is to help you navigate that maze.